About Us

Since 1928, Williamson & Wilmer has provided quality crane, hoist and conveyor services to the Southern United States.  Williamson & Wilmer strives to provide its customer with the highest level of customer satisfaction and has built its reputation for excellence in bringing concepts to reality.

Since its inception, the staff at Williamson & Wilmer has prided themselves on helping customers lower their operating costs while in turn increasing operator safety, productivity and profitability.  Over the years we have worked in various industries serving clients around the world.

Williamson & Wilmer, Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative for material handling equipment specializing in overhead handling and conveyors.  Since 1928, we have developed many successful relationships with major manufacturers in the industry.   Our staff has over 100 years of combined Industry experience and can fit the proper equipment for any given application.  We also have the capabilities to prepare any required drawings, install, service and perform equipment start-up and training

Our Team

Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell is Maryland native who moved to Virginia after graduating from Virginia Tech in 2009. With a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, he has been able to successfully apply his studies in Ergonomics, Materials Handling and Project Management to become an asset at Williamson and Wilmer.

Greg started with Williamson & Wilmer in 2010 and since that time has worked to manage the existing relationships from years past and also develop a growing customer base. Although he works on all types of projects, his primary areas of focus are overhead cranes (structural bridge, patented track, workstation, etc.), all types of hoists and special applications.

Steve Oddi
Steve Oddi is a Pennsylvania native who has lived in the Richmond area for most of his life. His wife of 32 years and two daughters also reside in the Richmond area. Steve is a graduate of St. Christopher’s School in Richmond (Class of ’74) and Virginia Military Institute (Class of ’78 with B.S. in Civil Engineering). After graduating from V.M.I., Steve served as a Combat Engineer for the Army Reserves from ’78 – ’85 and then in the 276th Combat Engineer Battalion from ’85 – ’06 with the Army National Guard. 

Steve first joined Williamson & Wilmer in 1983 as a Sales and Application Engineer and is currently the President of the company. He has an extensive knowledge of overhead cranes and hoists and has spent a lot of time working with patented track crane systems. Over the years he has been a key asset for helping with military and government equipment specifications.

Fred Pokrywka
Fred Pokrywka is a Maryland native who moved to Pennsylvania in 1990. Fred is a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC, an Honors University) Class of 1978.
Fred has spent the last 24 years with Acco Material Handling Solutions, formerly ACCO Chain and Lifting Products. Fred’s positions at Acco included Chain Production Manager, MRO Buyer, Plant Manager, Chain Products Manager and lastly District Sales Manager for lifting products. Fred brings with him his vast knowledge and expertise in the manufacture and application of chain and lifting products. Over the last10 years, Fred worked closely with distributors in applying Acco’s highly engineered products such as hoists, crane components, patented track systems, vacuum lifters as well as below the hook lifting products. Fred also worked with Nutting distributors on engineering and applying custom carts and trailers for specific material handling applications.
Fred’s focus is to analyze specific material handling needs and apply the properly designed equipment to maximize safety, efficiency, and ergonomics.

Will Tignor
Wilmer (Will) L. Tignor is a Virginia native who attended the University of Richmond and has lived in the Richmond suburbs for much of his life.  Will joined Williamson and Wilmer, Inc in 2004.  Prior to that, he worked as a distributor for power transmission products, drives and bulk material handling equipment.  With over 40 years combined industry experience, Will brings unparalleled expertise to the company and is a valued asset. 


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