Electrification and Controls

Regardless of the application, your overhead crane or hoist will need some form of electrification for power and control.  No two applications are alike and many factors can come into play when determining the correct system.   

Most of the cranes in use today are either powered with rigid conductor bar, festoon systems or cord reels.  In each of these categories, there are many different types.  Williamson & Wilmer has access to the major manufacturers in today’s industry and can get everything from contactors to complete control panels.

Motor Controls

Just like any other technology, the drives and systems that overhead cranes are using are changing year to year.  Systems are becoming more efficient and cost effective which in turn yields a safer operating environment at your facility.

With lower costs for adjustable frequency drives, more customers now have access to the benefits at close to the same cost as two speed magnetic controls.  

Radio Controls

There are many brands of radio receivers on the market today.  Some can control multiple cranes at once; some can be programmed from the operating floor without needing access to the control panel on the bridge and some even have the capability to have one backup on the shelf that could be programmed for any of the cranes in a facility.  There are many important items to consider when looking for the right system.  Two questions that will help us narrow down your choices are:

  • How many motions and speeds is the equipment?
  • Do we need to operate multiple units simultaneously?

With these answers, many options are eliminated and we will have a better starting point.