Overhead Bridge Cranes

Overhead traveling bridge crane systems fall into two categories. Structural I- beam cranes and patented track cranes. Both types are available in many configurations based on the building’s design and the customer’s needs.

Structural I Beam Cranes

Structural cranes are available in single, double or mono-box configurations with five classes of service. The class of service is determined by the duty cycle and application. Classes range from A through F with F being the heaviest design for constant, severe duty. The majority of the cranes sold to the general industry and manufacturing fall under either Class C or Class D. More information can be found by referencing specifications CMAA 70 and CMAA 74. These cranes can also be offered in either Top Running or Underhung. Top running cranes operate on ASCE rail which is secured to the top flange of the runway beams while underhung ride on the bottom flange of the runway beams. There are many designs and options available so that the crane can be made as custom to your application as you may need. Along with pricing, we can provide dimensional information, bid specifications and site visits to assist in your selection process. Contact one of our Engineers through our General Inquiry sheet to learn more.

Patented Track Cranes

For over 80 years (since 1928), Williamson & Wilmer has worked with TC/American Monorail in the patented track industry. As the oldest distributorship, our team can use the advantages of patented track crane systems to provide the solution your facility needs. Patented track systems are mostly for underhung configurations. These beams consist of a high carbon and manganese tee section that the end trucks and trolleys ride along. These sections of rail have an increased hardness and durability from the chemistry of the steel used. Some of the most important features include: Lowest weight per system Lowest weight imparted to the support structure Lowest lead time possible Lower beam heights making them perfect for low headroom applications Extensive life cycle For more information please reference the brochure “The Perfect Beast” below. Have PDF on page.

DeShazo Overhead Bridge Crane BrochureTC American Monorail - Building the Perfect Beast