Parts & Service


Over the years we have developed a very skilled team of technicians for the projects we have worked on.  We have the capabilities to provide a turn-key product from initial concept through installation and the service work after the fact.  Our crews have traveled around the country installing hoists, cranes, runway systems, electrification and various types of tooling.  Virtually every installation will have different obstacles and being able to overcome these obstacles quickly and efficiently is what we strive for.

Parts & Service

With over 85 years in the materials handling industry, we have the expertise to diagnose the correct parts your system may require as well as the knowhow to either install them or provide installation details.

Crane and Hoist Parts

As manufacturer representatives for many of the most respected companies in the industry, we are able to provide the correct parts for your equipment.  The more information you have about the item the better.  A serial number is always a great starting point for finding information.


Unfortunately when equipment goes down it has no regard for schedule or what your current production level is.  In these cases, it is important that your crane or hoist is diagnosed correctly the first time and that any necessary parts are sent in a timely manner.  With experienced technicians on hand, we always strive to get the job done efficiently and with our customer’s needs in mind.


Whatever the inspection frequency may be in your facility, we are more than willing to work with your personnel on inspecting your overhead material handling assets.  Since the requirements vary from facility to facility, we always like to perform a site visit to see what we will encounter first hand.  Feel free to call us at (804)-266-7623 or email for more information.