Overhead traveling bridge crane systems fall into two categories.  Structural I- beam cranes and patented track cranes.  Both types are available in many configurations based on the building’s design and the customer’s needs. more >>


Over the years, we have developed many longstanding relationships with the leaders in the Hoist industry.  The two most common types of hoist used are wire rope and chain.  Chain units are available in manual, pneumatic and electric variants where wire rope hoists are only available as pneumatic or electric.more >>


Most of the cranes in use today are either powered with rigid conductor bar, festoon systems or cord reels. In each of these categories, there are many different types. Williamson & Wilmer has access to the major manufacturers in today’s industry and can get everything from contactors to complete control panels. more >>

Below the Hook

Many times when a new system is designed and sold, the below the hook device (also known as an end effector) is forgotten.  This can be a very important element of the system as the end effector provides the link between your product and the hook on your hoist.  There are many industry and product specific end effectors in the marketplace.  more >>

Fall Protection

Fall Protection is a very important component of construction and maintenance that is growing tremendously each year. Companies are taking advantage of today’s technology and finding more ways to prevent injuries and deaths in the workplace. The initial investment for these systems will go a long way in your facility. more >>


As with many of the other product lines we offer, conveyors can get highly custom based on what is needed. With information about the process, capacities, speeds, temperatures, etc. we can recommend the system that will work best. more >>


Just like our other material handling product lines, application is everything! We can offer winches in manual or powered variants ranging in capacity from 2,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. Winches can be extremely useful in almost all industries dependent on application. They can serve as great alternatives where hoists and monorail systems cannot be used. more >>